Multi-cam Fitness Videos for Daily Burn

One of my biggest clients over the last few years has been director Mason Bendewald and his production company MegaMace.  He specializes in making high quality fitness videos and recently we did a large shoot for Daily Burn (  We had created almost 40 videos for them in 2011, and this year they wanted even more, including more challenging series and a well-rounded program with Kettlebells, Dance, Body Weight Training, Yoga, and Mobility.  I’m very proud of the work we did not only because I think it looks great, but the programs are fantastic, fun, and are going to really affect peoples’ lives by helping them get in shape and improve themselves.


We started with a set built at Line 204’s stage in Hollywood.  As the art department delivered sketches of the set, I started creating a lighting plan.  I like to use Omnigraffle to create these plots because it’s fast and easy to use, and is a convenient way for me to communicate my plans to the gaffer and key grip.  It also helps me determine what equipment we need, how many lights to order, etc.  Here’s an example of the lighting plan:


We used 4 Sony EX3 cameras that were recorded onto AJA KiPro’s so that we had high-quality ProRes HQ files for quick ingest to Post.  Two of the EX3’s used Fujinon ENG style lenses while two cameras had the standard lenses.  One camera went on a 12’ Jib operated by the very talented Chris Schutz and two cameras were handheld by Operators wearing EasyRig’s because of the long takes.


All of the lights went back to a lighting console so that they could be quickly dimmed, controlled and adjusted.  With 6 different fitness programs, Mason asked for a unique ‘look’ for each that set them apart.  I decided to create a few different ‘times of day’ for some of these:  Sunset, Afternoon, Morning.  Also, the Dance workouts were lit in a more colorful ‘Club’ environment.

Overall, we delivered over 60 fitness videos in 15 days of production (and then did a bunch of interstitial website programming and promos).  I’m very proud of our team at MegaMace and I’m fortunate to get to work with such talented and generous people.



About Graham Futerfas

I'm a professional Cinematographer working in Los Angeles.
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2 Responses to Multi-cam Fitness Videos for Daily Burn

  1. Lyn Healy says:

    Wow, Graham! I feel like I am back shooting the DB201 right now- thanks for an excellent post and I love the lighting plan!

  2. Thanks Lyn! Very proud to be a part of the team!

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